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Landscaping Design Experts In Las Vegas, Nevada

Landscaping Design Experts

Vegas Landscaping Pros provides landscape design of the highest quality, with decades worth of experience in Las Vegas and nearby cities. We are trusted by locals when it comes to their needs for a custom-made design for their landscapes that reflects them personally.

What Is Landscape Design?

Landscape design is an independent profession and a creative tradition that bridges the gap between nature and culture. In contemporary practice, landscape designers combine their love for both with fresh new ideas to create beautiful spaces in any setting imaginable – from residential homes or commercial buildings all over town down right up to government offices.

Landscape design can be thought of as the art in which a landscape’s aesthetic, horticultural, and environmental sustainability are balanced with its practicality.

It is often divided into 2 types of design. The first one is hardscapes such as paving stones or walkways, which require minimal maintenance. The second one is softer landscaping practices like planting trees which last much longer than hardscapes before needing attention from their human counterparts. While some people don’t consider these types durable enough others say there shouldn’t exist any difference between them anyway.

Our Landscaping Design Services

If you are looking for landscaping design services in Las Vegas, then look no further! We pride ourselves on delivering beautiful, long-lasting results. Our team is knowledgeable and skilled at creating the perfect outdoor space for your needs. Whether it’s a small backyard or an expansive estate, we can help you create beauty that will last for years to come.

A landscape designer’s job is to make sure that the space they’re designing can be enjoyed by everyone. They work closely with other disciplines, such as architecture and geography; soils and civil engineering; surveying; landscaping contracting services like planting or grading – anything related. And this is something we take seriously at Vegas Landscaping Pros.

We know that designing a landscape is more than just putting in some plants. It includes taking into account climate, topography orientation, and drainage of the land before you even think about what type or how many species will be used for decoration! We factor in soil irrigation, native plant habitat when present, construction detail, property safety, security, as well as other measurables like price range, to create the perfect outdoor space from scratch using only natural materials.

Artistic focal points are used artistically among other things, like color schemes or specific arrangements within each garden’s landscape. Our team of experienced landscapers in Las Vegas considers not only the look and function but also how well the plants will thrive over time.

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Our team of landscape design consultants is there for you every step along the way. We want to make sure everything goes smoothly and looks exactly how it should, so we’ll guide you through this process from beginning till the end! Call us today at (702) 710-5107 to know more!

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Vegas Landscaping Pros
David M.

I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews with Vegas Landscaping Pros and I finally tried them. I couldn’t be happier with the work that James and his team performed. James has a great eye for design and is knowledgeable of what plants to put that don’t need a lot of attention. Reviews never lie, I will always come back to VLP now!

Shaira S.

The VLP team was always on time and they did a great job of layering the soil, picked out the best plants, and came back to replace a few plants that died. I will definitely use this team when we update our backyard.

Luz A.
I got a prompt response via email when I inquired on VLP’s website. We exchanged information and they sent me a few options for the design. They worked fast in landscaping my small backyard. Not bad for the price they gave me.
Mark D.

We have been using Vegas general contractors for a while now and they always exceed our expectations. They make sure to deliver the work with quality and in a timely manner.

Mira E.

I have contacted multiple contractors but VGC stood out. James personally went to my home to check my backyard, gave me some suggestions for my patio and what plants suit me best. You can really tell that James is very knowledgeable about plants and he has an eye for design. Thanks, James for remodeling my backyard, my wife is super happy.

Josh P.

The best contractor ever. As an indecisive woman, I keep changing plans and James was so patient with me. He laid some ideas so it can fast-track our planning stage. He helped out to choose the perfect plants for my backyard and elevated it so it would compliment my new patio. Great work James and the team!

Brits Z.

We are happy with their service and responsiveness. I was working closely with Mike and he has a lot of great ideas and I just love our new front yard landscape.

Shara C.

Since my mom passed away I didn’t touch her house and never thought the backyard would look hideous without maintenance. I booked VGC because of a lot of reviews, so I asked them to renovate the backyard and make me a new patio. They didn’t fail to amaze me. It is super beautiful with some colorful plants. It’s super easy to work with this team, highly recommended!

Lebron D.

I needed some help in making some plant boxes and renovating my front & back yard. As I searched which contractor offers the best service, VGC came up, and was true enough that their reviews are legit. I have witnessed how dedicated the team works and James just has an eye for the design. I added extra service to get my irrigation system and the team was able to install it right away. Great job to everyone!

Jenn P.

First thing I told VGC is that I want a beautiful backyard that is elevated but I have a budget. They didn’t turn me down when they heard my budget but instead, they worked around my budget, provided me with a beautiful outcome. Great workmanship and customer service, I would definitely get them again for any landscaping service.

Mia S.

It took us weeks to finally choose a design for our patio and what type of irrigation system to put that fits our budget. In the end, it was really nice and every penny was worth spending on this contractor.

Jose Pi O.

We respect the whole team in VGC as they are very professional and courteous to work with. They were flexible when we wanted some changes on the spot. Plus they made our backyard really. Our kids love playing in the backyard with our dog charlie.

Kyrie S.

We got 2 contractors already that failed to provide landscaping in our backyard and installing the pool of our dreams. My wife and I were very stressed about the previous contractors, it’s a good thing we found VGC. They have fixed all the issues and finished the contract on time for our 8th-anniversary party. Our guests really loved how our backyard and pool looks. Thanks, VGC Team!

Mariane L.

My husband wanted the whole area to be landscaped and then VGC was highly recommended by our friend so we hired them. Tom wanted to have a Mediterranean garden with circular pathways but with the small space we have, it would be impossible to achieve. James helped us with designing so that we could still incorporate the Mediterranean garden style. In the end, we were so happy with the results.

Jerry T.

The whole team was cool! They made my garden look alive again.

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